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Google Contacts is the application of management contacts official Google, thanks to which we can take our phone directory custom always in the pocket. To each profile we will be able to associate multiple phone numbers (home, work, mobile), as well as an e-mail, and even address or date of birthday.

From the profile of any of our contacts we will be able to send direct messages using other applications, such as Whatsapp or Telegram. In addition, we may also send emails if we have come to associate the relevant address; or call using Skype or other methods of video call.

Google Contacts is a very interesting application for any user of a mobile phone with Android operating system. Its simplicity, number of features and convenient interface, make this one of the best alternatives we can find to manage our address book. By Andrés López Google Contacts is updated and allows you to unify duplicate

The application of Google contacts is a must on our smartphone, and in fact comes pre-installed by default on most of Android devices are contemporary. It has recently received a new update, the 1.5, whose main novelty, in addition to modify your interface and make it more affordable, is to add two indispensable characteristics that until now were relegated to the desktop version: the use of tags and an automatic system to unify duplicate contacts.
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