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▶black mobile GRAND OPEN◀
If you really wanted the start of the adventure,
black mobile the vast expanses of the world as an adventurer invites.

launch commemorative event check ☞ the

▶game description◀
world-class MMORPG “black desert mobile”
150 countries on the love received MMORPG!
black sensibility and inspiring mobile feeling.

■ intense action and exhilarating sense of hitting
quirky characters and gorgeous skill action
mobile beyond is overwhelming hitting
black mobile of of fun.

■ the presence of the strongest mobile graphics
real close to the sophisticated and high-level graphics!
one of the beautiful backgrounds and attractive character
on mobile you can also enjoy.

■ amazingly delicate features
operation is easy, the customization is to elaborate!
beyond the limits of mobile is features with
your own special character you can create.

■ of the world, encompassing vast content
fishing, trapping, etc rich life content and systems
adventure of all companion Pets and horses system
The Battle more fun.

■ minimum specifications
The Galaxy S5 LTE - A / Android OS 4.4(19) - Kitkat support

[black mobile official cafe]
black mobile the latest news most quickly receive the information if you want to join! the
[black mobile brand page]
the brand page in black desert mobile of all things.

▶the smartphone app access to a guide◀
the app is given to access requests. the

[mandatory access rights]
photo/media/file storage : game-related file storage and play video/screen shot saving.
microphone : in-app of real-time voice chat function, and play video recording in use.

[access withdraw methods]
▶ Android 6.0 and later: settings > apps > permissions item, select > permissions, list > access rights accept or withdraw the Select
▶ Android 6.0: upgrade your operating system to access rights to withdraw, or delete the app
※ this individual motion does not provide any functionality and for the way of access to you can withdraw.
* the Android 6.0 version if you are using the optional access rights individually set is not available, the 6.0 upgrade is recommended.

the access rights to withdraw resources to stop or access the game, no symptoms may occur.

contact the developer:
[email protected] the
---- The
contact the developer :

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